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Why Choose Fee-Only Financial Planning?

We love the fee-for-service financial planning model because it is fully transparent and aligns our interests with yours. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Transparent Costs: Know exactly what you are paying for. Here at Blueprint Financial, we disclose our fees upfront, eliminating any hidden charges and financial surprises.
  2. Unbiased Advice: It’s been well documented that many financial service providers in Canada push unnecessary high-cost products onto their clients that aren’t necessarily suited to their needs. Due to our fee-only model, that won’t happen here at Blueprint.
  3. Customized Strategies: Your financial goals are unique. We will craft personalized strategies designed to meet your individual objectives and financial situation.
  4. A Clear Return on Investment (ROI): After our initial free consultation, we won’t take you on as a client unless we believe that we can provide a significant return to your financial future that is well above our fees.

Our Services

Choose from the 4 options below

Option #1: Individual Blueprint

Who this plan is for: If you’re an individual in Canada who is looking for a financial retirement and estate plan crafted by experts, this is the plan for you.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning: Detailed cash flow strategies for retirement.
  • Optimal CPP and OAS Timing: Maximize government benefits.
  • Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies: Manage investments for growth and tax minimization.
  • Income Maximization: Enhance retirement income while reducing taxes.
  • Strategic Estate Planning: Minimize tax liabilities and preserve wealth.
  • Personalized Spending Plans: Tailor spending to your retirement lifestyle.
  • Pension Strategy Guidance: Defined Benefit Pension analysis and options.
  • RRSP and Income Strategies: Utilize Meltdown and Laddered strategies for income optimization.
  • Asset Protection Review: Risk management and insurance strategies to safeguard assets.
  • Debt Management: Effective strategies for reducing and managing debt.
  • Extended Support: Six months of post-delivery support to address any queries.
  • Discounted Updates: Future plan updates at reduced rates to maintain currency.
  • Professional Collaboration: Coordinate with your existing professionals like accountants and lawyers
  • Financial Peace of Mind: Enjoy clarity and confidence with a well-defined financial plan.


One-Time Fee

Option #2: Couples and Household Blueprint

Who this plan is for: Ideal for couples and households in Canada who need a unified financial plan for their retirement and estate.

What You’ll Receive:

  • All-Inclusive Features: Enjoy ALL the advantages of our Individual Retirement Plan (Option #1), PLUS the following:
  • Strategic Income Splitting: Harness the power of income splitting to boost your household’s financial gains.
  • Harmonized Withdrawals: Align your retirement withdrawals for optimal financial results.
  • Optimal Benefit Timing: Coordinate CPP and OAS claims to maximize your joint benefits.
  • Customized Financial Strategies: Utilize tailored strategies like RRSP Meltdown and Laddered Income.
  • Robust Stress Testing: Ensure your plan’s durability even if life’s circumstances change.
  • Balanced Tax Planning: Achieve the best tax positions for both, minimizing your combined liabilities.
  • Estate Coordination: Plan comprehensively to leave a lasting legacy with minimized estate complications.
  • Retirement Readiness Check: Assess your preparedness and adjust to meet your retirement timelines.
  • Continuous Support: Benefit from ongoing advice to navigate changes in laws and financial landscapes.


One-Time Fee

Option #3: Business and Corporate Planning

Who It’s For: This plan is perfect for Canadians who own a corporation and/or rental properties. The plan is meant to handle all the financial complexities that come with being a business owner.

What You’ll Receive:

  • All-Inclusive Features: Enjoy ALL the advantages of our Individual Retirement Plan (Option #1), AND Couples and Household Plan (Option #2), PLUS the following:
  • Corporate & Income Tax Planning: Navigate corporate tax complexities with expert guidance.
  • Capital Dividend Account Utilization: Optimize and use your CDA for better financial efficiency.
  • Asset Transitioning: Shift assets from corporate to personal sides while minimizing tax impacts.
  • Detailed Scenario Analysis: Explore various retirement scenarios like real estate sales, delayed CPP, inheritance, and business liquidation, complete with cash flow and tax implications.
  • Rental Property Calculations: Includes precise financial assessments for multiple rental properties.


One-Time Fee

Option #4: Investment Management and Planning

Who It’s For: This option is ideal for Canadians who want their investment portfolio managed in coordination with their financial planning.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Transparency and Low Fees: With full-fee transparency and low-cost management, you will know exactly what you own and what you pay.
  • Customized Portfolio Strategy: Tailored investment plans designed to fit your unique financial goals and risk profile.
  • Alternative Investment Access: Expand your portfolio with options like private equity and Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs).
  • Tax Efficient Investing: Coordinate your investments to complement your retirement and estate plans optimally.
  • Comprehensive Financial Guidance: Benefit from estate planning advice and strategic asset transitions, backed by a full financial plan.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Build a lasting relationship with our team, guiding you from investment planning through to retirement.
  • Ongoing Support and Review: Continuous monitoring and updates from our team to ensure your financial strategy evolves with your needs.


Christopher Liew

CFA Charterholder

Chris brings over 15 years of expertise in Canadian finance, which includes experience as a financial and insurance advisor. Having launched and then sold the popular Wealth Awesome financial education platform, he now focuses fully on providing peace of mind through expertly tailored financial plans at Blueprint Financial.

Obed Maurice


Obed has transformed the accounting industry by founding one of Canada’s pioneering virtual accounting firms, earning accolades including a top 40 under 40 and a Distinguished Service Award from CPA Alberta. Recently, he launched a tech company focused on financial planning.

Simon Wong


Simon’s 20-year career has spanned top asset management firms and a major accounting firm, bringing a rich perspective to his approach to wealth management and financial planning. He’s also a published author, breaking down finance in a way that’s accessible and practical for everyone.

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I just got a big promotion at work, so I figured it was time to think about retirement. I reached out to Chris and his team, and they really nailed it. They set me up with a plan that makes sense for now and later. It feels great to be prepared for retirement.

Susan M. (Professional from Toronto, ON)

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