Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.

– Winston Churchill

About us

Welcome to Blueprint Financial

I’m Christopher Liew, and I’m the founder of Blueprint Financial. We’re a company that provides customized financial plans and solutions for individuals and business owners all across Canada.

Financial education has always interested me, and I feel that is a subject that can be greatly improved in Canada.

That’s why, back in 2019, I started an educational website and YouTube channel called Wealth Awesome, which focused solely on Canadian finance. Over 6 million Canadians visited the two platforms. I have since sold off the website and YouTube channel so I could focus solely on this company.

I’m a CFA Charterholder with over 15 years of Canadian finance experience. I’ve worked as a Financial Advisor at RBC and have also started an insurance advisory practice where I had over 80 clients.

I missed having that direct impact on someone’s life, and that is why I started Blueprint Financial, where our team can help people and businesses all across Canada.

Let our Financial Blueprints give you the peace of mind and comfort that only a well-thought-of plan can.


Meet The Team

Christopher Liew

CFA Charterholder

Chris brings over 15 years of expertise in Canadian finance, which includes experience as a financial and insurance advisor. Having launched and then sold the popular Wealth Awesome financial education platform, he now focuses fully on providing peace of mind through expertly tailored financial plans at Blueprint Financial.

Obed Maurice


Obed has transformed the accounting industry by founding one of Canada’s pioneering virtual accounting firms, earning accolades including a top 40 under 40 and a Distinguished Service Award from CPA Alberta. Recently, he launched a tech company focused on financial planning.

Simon Wong


Simon’s 15-year career has spanned top asset management firms and a major accounting firm, bringing a rich perspective to his approach to wealth management and financial planning. He’s also a published author, breaking down finance in a way that’s accessible and practical for everyone.

Our Youtube Channel

Check out the Blueprint Financial YouTube channel for some informative and free finance content! Subscribe to the channel to get our regular updates.

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Our services

What we do

Here’s how we can help you:

Financial Planning

Want some expert guidance to optimize your financial future? We’ll help you create a clear plan that covers retirement, taxes, estate, and insurance – all in one place.

Our expert team will work with you to build a strategy that fits your unique needs.

Take control of your finances and feel confident about your future.

Business Planning

As a business owner, you wear many hats and never have enough time.

Let our expert team plan out the financial complexities, so you can focus on growing your business.

We offer tailored strategies for tax optimization, retirement and estate planning, and personal wealth management.

Investment strategy

Your investments plus a good financial plan are like two wings on a plane; you need both of them functioning well together to get where you want to go. 

That’s why we offer access to our professional investment management partners through our nationwide partnerships. We tailor our financial plans to work with your investments.

Explore how our experts can help you navigate your financial future