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Running a business means your to-do list never ends. From overseeing employees to staying ahead of the competition, it’s a full-time job and then some. Let us take some weight off your shoulders. Discover the ways we can help solve your biggest challenges:

  • Cost Reduction Tactics: Minimize expenses through our expert financial planning. We help you identify and cut unnecessary costs and strategically reduce tax liabilities using legal tax planning techniques.
  • Proactive Tax Planning: Take advantage of every tax-saving opportunity available to Canadian businesses. Our strategic tax planning can significantly decrease your tax burden, boosting your bottom line.
  • Long-Term Financial Growth: Plan for the future with confidence. Our long-term strategies are designed to sustain and increase your business wealth.
  • Dedicated Support: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable financial planning partner. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through financial decisions, saving you time and stress.

Our Services

Choose from the 2 options below:

Option #1: Business and Corporate Planning

Who It’s For: This plan is perfect for Canadians who own a corporation and/or multiple rental properties. The plan is meant to handle all the financial complexities that come with being a business owner.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Corporate & Income Tax Planning: Cut through the maze of corporate tax laws with our expert guidance. We make navigating these complexities straightforward, saving you time and maximizing your tax advantages.
  • Capital Dividend Account Optimization: Leverage your CDA more effectively. We’ll show you how to use it to enhance your financial efficiency, keeping more money in your pocket.
  • Strategic Asset Transitioning: Smoothly transfer assets between your corporate and personal accounts. Our strategies aim to minimize tax burdens, to see that you keep more of your hard-earned wealth.
  • Comprehensive Scenario Analysis: Prepare for the future with confidence. From selling real estate to planning for inheritance or business liquidation, we provide detailed analyses to guide your decision-making and optimize financial outcomes.
  • Advanced Retirement Planning: Tailor your retirement strategy to accommodate business and personal assets. Our plans are designed to secure your future, whether you continue to grow your business or transition towards retirement.
  • Succession Planning Guidance: Whether passing the business to a family member or preparing for sale, we’ll see that you’re set for the next chapter.
  • Rental Property Expertise: Get tailored financial assessments for your rental properties. Our precise calculations help you manage and expand your portfolio profitably.
  • All-Inclusive Benefits: Benefit from all the features of our Individual Retirement and Couples and Household Plans (Options #1 and #2 here). This all-encompassing approach ensures no aspect of your financial health is overlooked.

$5,000 – $8,000

One-Time Fee

Option #2: Investment Management (For Businesses)

Who it’s For: This service is perfect for Canadian business owners seeking a coordinated approach to managing their investment portfolios alongside their broader financial strategies.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Custom Investment Strategies: Benefit from investment plans precisely tailored to fit your business’s financial goals and risk tolerance, crafted to support both short-term needs and long-term ambitions.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy clarity with straightforward, competitive fees. You’ll always understand what you’re paying for and why, ensuring no surprises.
  • Access to Unique Investments: Gain access to opportunities in private equity and more, which can help to diversify your portfolio against market fluctuations.
  • Tax Optimization: We align your investment activities with your business’s financial structure, to see that they enhance your tax benefits and support your company’s overall financial health.
  • Integrated Financial Planning: Receive comprehensive guidance that covers all aspects of your financial landscape—from estate planning to strategic asset transitions that are all tied into your investment choices.
  • Enduring Partnership: Develop a lasting relationship with a financial team that understands the dynamics of Canadian business markets. We are committed to navigating you through investment planning and beyond into retirement.


Christopher Liew

CFA Charterholder

With 15 years in Canadian finance and a background in financial and insurance advising, Chris has a wealth of expertise.

After founding and selling the Wealth Awesome platform, he now plays a pivotal role at Blueprint Financial, guiding the development of strategic financial plans that help business owners grow.

Obed Maurice


Obed has reshaped the landscape for Canadian business owners with his innovative virtual accounting firm, earning accolades such as the Top 40 Under 40 and a Distinguished Service Award from CPA Alberta.

His expertise focuses on crafting strategic financial plans that streamline business operations and enhance financial clarity for business owners.

Simon Wong


With 20 years at top financial and accounting firms, Simon specializes in creating robust financial plans for Canadian entrepreneurs.

His expertise ensures practical, effective strategies that simplify complex financial challenges and promote business growth.

Our Process – How it Works

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Step 2: Payment and Planner Assigned

Step 3: Receive Your Personalized Financial Plan

Step 4: Monitor and Support

As my business started growing, I became too busy with operations to spend much time on financial planning for my corporation. I got Chris to make me a plan with many different scenarios, and we chose the best path forward together.

– John T (Business Owner from Calgary, AB)

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